Explaining the Data Graphically

Tab1: This graph enables the viewer to quickly determine how each state is performing in regards to profit. It's evident that California and New York are leading the way, while Texas, Ohio, and a few other states are currently operating in the negative.

Tab2 and Tab3: These images determine which items the top and bottom performing states are selling. The bigger the circle, the more of that product they sell. The top table (Califoria) shows that the state specializes in accessories and binders. The bottom table (Texas) shows that the state sells a lot of phones and paper.

Tab4: Because there was no obvious differences in the items the top performing and bottom performing states were selling most of, the next step is to look at the discount rates. It's evident that the lower performing states have higher discount rates. Texas, for example, has a rate of .37, which largely explains why they don't turn a profit.

Tab5: Finally, this graph indicates the number of sales per state and how much they make on average per sale. There's an obvious corolation between the quantity sold, the profit per sale, and the overall profit. For example, California does not make enormous profit off each sale, but they sell a large quantity which componsates for the lower profit margins.